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Candle Wax Dye

Candle Wax Dye

Dyes are highly soluble in paraffin, gel, soy and bees wax making it easy to obtain even the darkest of shades. Novacandle dyes can be blended with each other to achieve a limitless range of color shades.

Dyes are odorless liquid dyes especially formulated for coloring candle wax.

Dyes are highly concentrated, particulate free liquid dyes.

Dyes can be blended with each other to achieve a limitless range of color shades.

Dyes provide superior control of color from batch to batch compared with powders or solutions prepared from powder dyes.

Dyes are odor free making them suitable for candles for indoor use and for scented candles.

Dyes are non-flammable thus no extra precautions are required for working with these dyes.

Dyes are packaged in easy to dispense 1-oz bottles with droppers minimizing the need for messy clean up.

Long shelf life -Dyes are exceptionally stable. Forget about problems with fading and dye settling. These liquid dyes can be reliably stored for several years without degradation.

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