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7 Things the Internet will NEVER change about doing business.


  1. It’s still far cheaper to keep existing customers than acquire new ones. The bottom line is the single best way to improve the cost of acquiring new business is to improve your ability to keep and grow existing customers.


  1. Information overload has not gone away. Communication skills are still the single most important facet of doing business. Think of it as bite-sized, but nutritious information to prospects to win.


  1. Emotion still plays a big role in how buyers make decisions. Successful sellers recognize this fact, the smart seller plays to their buyer’s senses, aroma, size, color etc.


  1. The adage “you get what you pay for is still alive and well”. Quality, quality…..


  1. Value still trumps price. The trick is to how to best communicate the value of your products, i.e. your 8 oz. candle will deliver approximately of excellent aroma for as much as 60 hours of burning time, if properly monitored.


  1. Sales leads will sometime leak from the funnel, the smart seller will get a lead (however way) and will follow up immediately, Example, hear about a possible fund raiser by a local group, follow up NOW, not later !


  1. Creativity is still VERY important. Step back and compare your product to the competition, ask for constructive criticism from family and friends. Study trends in decorating and life. But, most importantly, hold fast to basic  human principles.


Good luck and happy selling !


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