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Inventory –

You can’t sell what you don’t have. Be sure you prepare enough inventory to keep up with increased buying demands.

New Products –

If possible with your craft, create holiday-themed items to coincide with the season. Even if your craft doesn’t lend itself to holiday themes, the increase of sales during holidays can warrant introducing new lines during this period.

Specials/Discounts –

People love bargains! Be sure to offer discounts on a few products. The holidays are also a good time to get rid of discontinued, damaged or old merchandise.

A “Clearance Rack” can turn a frugal crowd into paying customers.

Decorate –

Don’t forget to decorate booths, consignment displays, shops, and home parties with corresponding holiday themes. Nothing puts people into a buying mood more than great decorations.

Gifts –

If you wholesale or have repeat retail customers, remember to send them a card or even a small gift during appropriate holidays. This is a great way to tell people you appreciate their business and to help them remember your business.

Holiday Themed Shows –

The craft show market offers tons of themed shows. I you can afford it, this is a good time to hire a few extra peoples to attend events that coincide. Keep in mind, that attending shows at the same time will mean you need more inventory, more displays and more operating expenses.

Website –

Don’t forget your website when planning your holiday strategy. Put some related graphics on the side and offer discounts and specials to your cyber customers too!

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