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As with any business or hobby, there are certain needs for equipment . Here is a list that we feel is necessary and will make the job easy


1 – Presto Steamer Kettle (Available at WalMart / Target for approx. $ 29.00).

1 – Pyrex / Anchor large  ( 4 cups) pourable measuring cup ( WalMart / Target

approx. $ 4.50)

1 – Teflon Wisk for stirring. (WalMart / Target for approx. $ 2.00).

Wax – 11.4 lb slab / or 57 lb case

Fragrance oils (Purchase minimum amounts)

Wicks (Ask for sizing in relation to selected jars).

Candy / Cookie thermometer (hangs on side of Kettle).

Jars (Many style available in the market)

Glue for wick sticking (Quick set at craft depts..) or utilize our Texas Hold-Ups.

Dyes (Easier to control w/dropper).

Small measuring cup/spoons.

Scales (Weigh wax)

Popsicle sticks (WalMart craft dept.)

Clean, level work space.




Drill a small hole in the Popsicles sticks. (several)

Place wicks in jars with glue or our Texas Hold-Ups.

Cut 1 lb. of wax ( use scale) and place in plugged in Kettle

1 lb. of wax (liquid) should make 3 – 8 oz. jar candles.

Heat to 150-160 degrees F ( read on hanging thermometer).

Place jars w/wicks in oven, lowest temperature.

Add dye, carefully, very concentrated (start with 1 drop)

Unplug Kettle.

Stir with Wisk (not too rapidly) for a full 3 minutes, allows dye to completely enter the wax.

When temperature reaches 125-130, add fragrance oil. ( Try 6% first, 1 oz. to one lb. of wax).

Stir for another 3 minutes, again allows the oil to enter the wax.


Remove jars from oven.

Pour the mixture from Kettle to large measuring cup (Pyrex).

Pour mixture into warm jars (slowly, no splash) to shoulder of jar, not top.

Center the wick, put a popsicle stick across the top to hold wick in place.

Place all jars together to cool, this slows the cooling process.

When all candles have set (hardened), clip wick to approx. ¼” to 3/8” in length, put the caps on. (fingernail clippers, scissors).

Let set overnight, open next day and be very proud that you have made a truly quality candle.

Be aware that the above is very general, you should test, and set your own workstation to suit you and for your efficiency.

When adding fragrance oils, keep in mind that all fragrances are not the same strength, common sense will tell you to add/lessen the amounts- TEST, TEST.

When you have made the candles that you are satisfied with, be sure to keep your recipe for each, amount of fragrance oil, amount of dye etc.

Also, be aware that there are many ways to make the candles, the above is what I have used for many years, successfully.

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