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Special for the month of September and October

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With Fall and Winter, all of the Holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) generally make the market for us in the fragrance industry.

This newsletter is being written to help each and every one of you to realize and be aware of the trends that motivate buyers to do what we want them to do, BUY!

The marketing agencies that we utilize have sent several pieces of info that I feel will help all of us to have an exceptional season. A large amount of this info we know, but need to be reminded of, most are trends that we need to know to successfully market our products.


                                      Holiday and Seasonal Candle Market Drivers

  • Holidays and celebratory occasions are important drivers for candle sales.
  • Approximately 35% of all candle purchases take place during the Christmas / Winter holiday season.

 • Halloween themed candle sales are achieving strong revenue growth.

 –        Home decorations are an important part of the holiday.

 –        Well-suited holiday for candle usage.

–         Candle product trends toward autumn,

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