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Well, hopefully Spring is here. We have had what is considered a very cold Winter, here in our part of Texas.

 We have spent most of the Winter testing new FO’s and working on duplications for our customers. We have added several new FO’s to our line, Amazing Grace, Snuggle-Up, Pecan Pie, Blueberry Cobbler, Fruit Slices and our Year of the Woman line: Flirt, Allure, Elegance, Youthful, Successful, Powerful, Confident, Bold, Spiritual, Sassy, Hot Flash, Sensual and Wise. We are also extending our reduced pricing on Year of the Woman fragrances.

Be sure to see our new Tales of the West and Business Hints on the website,

We want to again, reiterate, ALL of our oils are 100% pure, and we DO NOT cut them at all.  Remember, we fill the bottles up, get more use less.

Many of our customers are reporting very good success with the Air Freshener sales; we have all the tools for this, bottles, sprayers etc.

We have been notified of the forth-coming wax price increase. These increases are across the board; all suppliers will have to increase their pricing.

Our blended waxes still lead all others in the ease of working with as well as not having wet spots and sinkage.

Several of our customers have sent us FO’s to duplicate, some of these have come from suppliers who have cut the FO, it makes it impossible to duplicate. Remember, FO’s that are cut are dangerous. When we try to duplicate, if we can’t, then we furnish the strongest FO available in it’s place.  

As always we are available to help you in any way, call us at (888) 589-9523 toll free or go to the website,, and send your comments to us.

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