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There comes a time in a young man’s life
To saddle up and ride
To discover what lies ahead
In a world so big and wide
Experience all the ups and downs
Face barriers along the trail
Be humble in their victories
Learn from when they fail

Many hours he’ll wile away
With thoughts of those back home
Should he retreat or go forward
Out into the vast unknown
This trail of life ain’t easy
Along with happiness there is pain
Just grit yer teeth and get a good seat
Hold on tightly to the rein

There’ll be mountains, rivers and valleys
Can he handle the emotional load?
What choices will he make?
When he comes to that fork in the road
Will he take the crooked route?
Or the one that lies straight ahead?
Move slowly to the future
Or run willy-nilly instead?

Now when his journey has ended
And he sets up camp for the night
The imprints left upon the trail
Indicate choices: wrong or right
As he sits here in his twilight
Prodding life into fading embers
Drifting thought from then and now
Friends and loved ones he remembers

On his ride; did his conscience guide?
Or did selfishness rule his course?
Did he look in disdain at those in pain?
No sign of guilt or remorse
Or did he care and give and share?
Have empathy for those in need?
Did he understand and lend a hand
From compassion; not out of greed?

The trail of life ain’t easy
And you surely do need a good mount
To overcome complexities
And make decisions that will count
For ’tis only you and you alone
Can accept all challenges throwed
So pray tell have your wits about you
When you come to that fork in the road.

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