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Any Way You Can:


It was the 50th anniversary of the county rodeo. They were having a nostalgic day. Cowboys and clowns dressed in the clothes of the 1950’s road in and waved to the crowd. The announcer was brought in by a 1955 pickup. They played 50s cowboy music on the loud speakers.


The highlight of the day was the appearance of Old Tex. The ancient old cowboy once was the king of the hill on the rodeo circuit. They claimed he had never been thrown. He was going to ride a wild mustang. People flocked to see the old cowboy eat dirt.


Bets flew wildly; thousands of dollars were on the board. Just how long would that ancient cowboy last? Nobody but me said he would go the distance. I had the advantage; I saw Old Tex in the hardware store. He was buying a dozen bottles of gorilla Glue!



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