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People are retreating from hectic lifestyles, from high-pressure jobs and the rat race in general by building themselves a nest of friends and family and taking their social life into the home.

People have rediscovered the cozy den as the focal point of life. People are reverting to cooking and eating in with friends instead of meeting at a restaurant, they’re holding parties at home instead of going clubbing or to bars. Cozy is cool. This latest trend has a name, homing. And homing is a watered down version of “cocooning’, the phenomenon identified by American trend researcher Faith Popcorn back in the 1980s. So the trend is clearly not new – it’s just the level of withdrawal into our own four walls that has taken on a new dimension. Modern technologies like the mobile phone that gives us new freedoms although telepresence and permanent accessibility comprise our private sphere.

Constant standby mode means the dividing line between work and private life is becoming increasingly blurred. And that means stress. This is why people today are looking to their homes as a place of retreat.

Nowadays, “we” is key.

In our consumer society, sensory overload stimulates us to the point that we are very quickly bored and also less than inspired by new things. At the moment “I” is not so much a priority as “We,” and that means placing the emphasis on social values such as cooperation and trust. Community and family are gaining significance, networking is becoming more and more important, both socially and on a work level, openness and transparency are the deciding factors in a friendship. We are building ourselves a nest if friends, family and reliable partners at work and taking our socializing into the home.

Consumers are demanding greater quality of life. Therefore; with the move to our nests in the home, we now also demand a more pleasant surroundings. All of our senses need stimulation, a couple of the least expensive are scented candles and air fresheners. The utmost important part of these sensory stimulants is a truly quality candle, one made with care and pride. With the return to “homing” the natural tendency is toward frugality, also the present state of our economy is steering our Nation in that direction. A fair margin of profit is accepted for a truly quality product.

HOME – A little word that means so much more than a refuge from wild animals and natural adversities !!!!!!!!



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