Here’s How:

  1. Find a show that is suited for handmade products.
  2. Request application from event promoters.
  3. Fill out the application.
  4. When accepted, send in remainder of fees.
  5. Make hotel/motel  lodging reservations. (If required).
  6. Plan route.
  7. Plan and organize display according to booth layout.
  8. Determine prices, discounts and shipping fees.
  9. Prepare signage and samples.
  10. Have vehicle inspected for travel-readiness.
  11. Tell loved-ones when expected arrival time is.
  12. Travel to show.
  13. Check in with promoters.
  14. Set up booth/display.
  15. That’s it. Good Luck.


  1. Offer a 50% discount from your retail price to buyers.
  2. Know your shipping charges in advance.

Bring a scheduling book to keep track of lead time for shipments.
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