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Entrepreneurs – 5 Things You Must Do Every Day to Build Your Business.


If you are an entrepreneur there are a few critical tasks that you need to turn into a daily habit in order for your business to keep moving in a positive direction and to make you money.


1.  Plan for the future a few minutes each day. Assume that your product has stopped selling all of a sudden. What direction will you take your company next? What new income stream can you add? This is the time for day dreaming and recording notes in preparation for the future.


2.  Work on your marketing in some aspect every day to get new customers. If your prospective customers don’t know about you they won’t buy from you. Work on getting your message out every day even if it’s only for a few minutes.


3.  Work on closing a sale every day, whether you are doing this online, on the phone, through the mail, or face to face you need to be selling every day. Without the close of a sale there is no business.


4.  Develop or strengthen your business network. You need to join or create a business network where you can help others and they can help you back. This is an ideal way to get free customers through referrals.


5.  Contact your current customers. Don’t ever forget about the people who have already purchased from you. These are your best customers. Contact your current customers frequently, even if you are only saying hello. They will not seek you out, you need to let them know you are still breathing.

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