Hope all made it through Halloween okay. It was really “scary” out there.

I’m reminded of a saying by Lady Bird Johnson:

When times get tough, you can adjust or….you can adjust !

For the months of November and December, we are offering a 5% discount on all Fragrance Oils, this is in addition to the normal 3% discount enjoyed by ordering online.  This supercedes all other discounts except the 1-oz deals.

As most of you know, the pricing of raw materials has continued to escalate, we have managed to absorb these costs, and have actually lowered some of our sale prices. Our goal is to help each of you enjoy higher profitability for your works.

Our shipping costs continue to be the lowest around, we have continued to negotiate for lower costs with the shippers, UPS and USPS. We will always look for the least expensive shipping for your orders. Please let us know if you want one or the other (UPS / USPS). FedEx has refused to give any kind of price breaks.

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Reminder: Air Fresheners are easy and profitable. We have all the supplies. Want to sell oils to the burner customers?  We have the bottles and droppers.

Let us hear from you.


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