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Happy Halloween and a hope for a busy November and December. We are all aware of the economic times, each of you candle makers could help many people who can’t afford the “usual” big expensive gifts. Most people appreciate a “handmade gift, with love” more than something they may never use.

Our stock of Thanksgiving and Christmas fragrances are ready and waiting for you. We are stocking up to be able to serve you with our “normal” excellent service. We have a dazzling array of food aromas. Our Crème Brulee is the industry leader, all of our pumpkin products are extraordinary, and Pumpkin Cheesecake is a run-away best seller. Try our Pumpkin Nutmeg for real home cooking aroma. Go to, for a complete listing.

For the just right touches of Christmas, our Spiced Wassail sets a very holidayish (word?) tone. For all who have the desire for the aroma of a Christmas Tree, but have the reusable ones, try our Christmas Tree and Christmas Sage fragrances.

Be sure and read our Business Hints and Tales of the West on our website,,

As always, we are the headquarters for Air Freshener supplies, bottles, sprayers and Base, our base is formulated for the job of air spraying, we have developed this: it is non staining, non clouding and remains stable.

For this month (November 2011) we are offering 100 wicks (of your choice) with any$ 50.00 purchase excluding tax and shipping. This is a $ 7.50 to $9.00 saving. When ordering just make a note of your selection in the comments section of the order form.

We want to, again, thank all of you for your continuing business; we want to hear from you, regarding any issue. If you choose not to call, go to comments section on our website and outline your desire,





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