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This newsletter is a potpourri of news, specials, tall tales, and info from some of our valued customers.

This month we are celebrating our 5th year in business. We started in an industrial center in Houston, leasing approximately 7, 000 sq.ft. of showroom/warehouse space. We found that it was a folly, thinking we could sustain a $ 6,000 per month rental and utilities; many of you remember those days. Three years ago, we moved our operation to Livingston, Texas, approximately 70 miles NE of Houston. We became an online company. We have enjoyed growth beyond our dreams, even during tough economic times. We thank all who have stayed with us and continue to do business with us. We truly believe the reason is that we do take customer service very seriously. In celebration of our anniversary, we are offering a $ 1.00 discount on all 8 oz. and 16 oz. sizes on ALL FO\’s from now through August 31, 2011. The regular discounts are still in effect.

Over the past two (2) weeks we have been testing new FO\’s and are proud to announce a new and improved Cucumber Melon FO, it has outstanding throw and great staying power. We now have Cinnamon Buns, asked for by many; we wanted one that we could stand behind. We developed Enchanted Orchid, at the insistence of a valued customer, a very unusual FO with extraordinary qualities. We have upgraded our Coco Mango, a customers states that it is very good. A couple of months ago we introduced Dream Weaver, another customer request. See the website,, for all the info on the above. We still fill the bottles up and offer the strongest FO\’s in the industry. We are continually testing and upgrading our products.

One of our valued customers has a 1000 lbs. capacity water-jacketed wax melter for sale; email her at She is moving and can\’t take it with her. Sounds like a great deal to me.

This is a tale that ran in our local paper a few days ago, I thought you might find it humorous.     

A Hunter\’s Story or Tall Tale?  By Billy Mitchell

Years ago when Lake Livingston was just filling up, my brother, Thomas went on a joint fishing and hunting trip early one morning on the lake. Just about daylight he was sitting on a tree limb and saw a nice buck walking along near the water\’s edge. He shot him and he fell behind a log where Thomas couldn\’t see him- so he got down and started to walk toward the log. About halfway to the log, the deer got up and ran into the backwater. Thomas dropped his gun and took off running into the water after the buck The deer finally had to start swimming and got his antlers hung up in a low hanging tree limb. Thomas caught up to him, took out his knife and cut the deer\’s throat. He drug the deer back to where his gun was at the log and there lay the deer he shot. I don\’t remember if Thomas caught any fish that day, but I remember his deer story.                    

 Let us hear from you, Jim

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