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The hottest summer in recorded History, let’s hope for no more hurricanes, floods, earthquakes etc. We have had our mettle tested. Pray for jobs and a better economy.

We here at Texas Candle want to help all that we can, contact me (Jim) at (888) 589-9523 with any questions about special pricing for bulk buying regarding fundraisers.

As most of you are aware, we always try to find the least expensive shipping for your order. It seems that most of the deliveries to rural addresses are the most expensive, if you have a commercial (or friend’s commercial) address, you will enjoy additional savings.

From time to time we are going to send some free 1 oz. fragrance oils to you in with your order, these are discontinued or manufacturers have sent to us for testing, these are NOT to be stocked, just be our guest, they will go out until gone. It\’s just another way of thanking you for your continuing business.

We are going to stop stocking the #54100 soy blend, the manufacturer is discontinuing. We are replacing it with # 5065S, which is a soy blend, but some of the attributes are, better throw, higher melt-point (shipping problem), fragrance oils integrate better. The pricing will be about the same as the #54100. We will have the #5065 in about a week.

Be sure to checkout the Tales of the West (a great poem) and the Business Hints on our website,

We want to hear from you, any ideas are welcomed. We are here to help you.

Thank you.


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