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We have been doing our annual inventory, and we have decided to place a Sale Price on the following items. This sale is till they are gone, while they last.

1 oz. Clear Glass bottle reg. $ 0.44 – now $ 0.25 each

1 oz. Blue Cobalt bottle reg. $0.49 – now $ 0.25 each

Red, Blue, White, Black, Purple and Burgundy fine mist sprayers (fit 1 oz. bottles)  Reg. $ 0.35 – now $ 0.25 each

6 section clamshell molds  reg. $0 50 – now  $0.30 each WHILE THEY LAST

Also, due to our inability to get the freight companies to respect the look and condition of the wax shipped to you, we are discontinuing the stocking and marketing of wax. The email address of the manufacturer is, her name is Janet Hargenradar, phone (814) 319-1679.The company will not sell in less than case lots, no single slab sales. There should be a substantial savings by dealing direct with the manufacturer. They will ship from Dallas, TX.

We are still stocking all your favorite fragrance oils, wicks, air freshener base, bottles, sprayers, droppers, Texas holdups, Vybar, UV stabilizer, etc.

We have 1 oz., 2 oz., and 8 oz. HDPE (Plastic) bottles that are the ideal carrier for air freshener sprays. Our air freshener base is designed specifically for air sprays. Non-staining, long lasting.

Let us hear from you.



Thank you.

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