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Thanks to all of you for your continued support.


We have been asked so many times for Leather blended products, so we have responded and have the following fragrance oils now available:


Cowboy on the Beach (Tiki Beach blend)

Cowboy Sunset: a blend of cashmere, linen and leather.

Cowboy  Romance: a blend of masculine cologne and leather.

Cowboy-Up:  a blend of Cool Water cologne and leather.

Cowgirl Kisses:  a blend of vanilla, cherry, almond and leather.

Midnite Cowboy:  a blend of leather and a fragrant earthy blend)

Red Bandana:  leather with a blend of fresh strawberries

Sexy Cowgirl:  leather with a blend of feminine cologne.


In addition to the leather blends we have recently added new scents as follows:

Tuscan Tobacco (a rich woodsy, cedar and amber with hint of tobacco)

Eucalyptus Spearmint (smooth spearmint and eucalyptus fashioned after BBW Stress Relief)

Foxy Lady (a blend of feminine cologne)

Stud (a blend of masculine cologne with hints of citrus, lavender & Jasmine)


Remember our oils are 100% pure, no additives or weakening down.  That means the scent will last much longer and has a very good throw in oil burners.  We take pride in giving you the best available, along with low wholesale prices. 


Our website is:  and telephone 1-888-589-9523.


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