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It’s time to get out of our “winter blues” and start thinking of new
ways to solicit customer awareness of all the wonderful fragrance oils
we offer. We know how easy it is to get oils and candles from local
retail stores, but we must emphasize the fact that our products are
far more potent with longer lasting fragrance (100% pure). Side by
side they really can’t compete, all they offer is convenience like
“one stop shopping”.But the more we get out and market our products,
let them smell all of our wonderful scents, the more customers will be
informed and pleased, and most of all….repeat customers!

We pride ourselves with the fact that we offer customers like you the
BEST fragrance in the industry. Thus you will be giving YOUR customers
the best also..

Air fresheners are becoming a very popular item. They are handy for
refreshing your car interior or just anywhere in your home, including
pet areas. We have 1 oz. and 2 oz bottles, including sprayers for both
sizes. We also supply air freshener base to add to your oils which
will allow ease in spraying… clogs, and helps the costs. Why not
try something new?

Related to Valentine’s Day, we have many Love fragrances,: Endless
Love, Love Spell  etc and our cowboy line.

We want to thank all of YOU for your loyalty, continuing business and
look forard to a great new year.

Let us hear from you.


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