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Good day to all….

Just a few notes to let you know how much we appreciate your support
this past January, it was a rousing success, THANK YOU! We have added
some new fragrances and lowered the price on others, we have been able
to negotiate some deductions.

Many have asked about our not carrying wax, the reasons are: where we
are located (dirt roads) make is almost impossible to keep the wax
clean. With petroleum prices down, still the wax makers do not lower
their pricing, and we all are aware of the freight charges.

We know that all would like to purchase all their supplies at one
place, but we hope that all will recognize that our oil quality and
tested throw will entice to purchase from us.

Our service is the best in the industry, orders to us by noon, goes
out the same day, we ship mostly by USPS, by priority mail, automatic
insurance on the products, for all’s protection.

Become aware of our discounts: Dozen Deal (12-1 oz. For $21.00) , Buy
5 Get 1 Free, or our Bulk Buy- Buy 5 -16 oz. Get a $1.00 off per lb.

We fill the 16 oz. Bottles up, which generally means you get 17 – 18
oz, oil is measured by weight.

Have a Haappy Valentines Day.

Let us hear from you, we are here for you.



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