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Rodeo Queen

 The guys on the circuit were smitten, the rodeo queen was the most gorgeous thing they had ever seen. They all wanted to ask her out, but she said they would have to stand in line.

 I am no snaggletooth cowboy, so I tossed my white hat in the ring. I am not into those elegant pickup lines, so I asked straight out if she would go out with me.

My jaw nearly dropped to the floor when she said yes. There was a sparkle in her eyes. We went to the best steakhouse in the town. We sat in the romantic candlelight and drank red wine.

I drove her to the local passion flats where we enjoyed the view. I worked up the courage to put the moves on her. She shook her head and said “No”. I persisted. That little lady throws a punch like the kick of a mule ! 

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