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Paul Bunyan

Paul Bunyan was a lumberjack that logged the North Woods of the United States.  It was said that he could take down 16 trees in one swing of his ax. 

He was born in the state of Maine.  When he was 2 weeks old he weighed 100 pounds.  His parents took him and put him in a cradle out in the ocean.  Every time he rocked in his cradle, beg waves would come in and flood the seashore.  The people said he has to be taken out of the town.  His parents took him to a cave.  They left him their with an ax, some flint to start a fire, a knife, and a fishing pole.  When Paul grew up, he found a ox in the snow. He fed it an it soon measured 42 ax handles high.  Paul founded the Big Onion Logging Company.  Babe was the company’s log hauler.  Paul built a big skillet to feed his hundreds of men.  It was so big that 100 men had to strap fat to their shoes and state on it to grease it.  After Paul logged all the North Woods he planted more trees.  He and babe retired.  Their are a lot of stories about Paul and Babe.

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