In our ongoing stories of Texas towns with unusual names.




Point Blank is the range at which you want to shoot at something if you don’t want to miss. Point Blank is the name of a community in San Jacinto County, 85 miles North of Houston, 23 miles West of Livingston on Hwy 190. Alas, the story behind the naming of Point Blank has nothing to do with shooting.


A Frenchwomen named Florence Dissiway, while working as the governess for two branches of the pioneer R.T. Robinson family back in the 1850’s called the settlement Blanc (as in white) Point. Leave it to Texans to corrupt that to Point Blank, which they did.


Point Blank didn’t get its own post office until 1884 and slumbered along until the construction of Lake Livingston in the 1960’s perked things up. But even after the lake filled and began to attract anglers and tourists, the 2000 population was only 559.


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