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The cowboy rode out from the camp
Never even paused to say good-bye
This was a journey he had to take
Or at least he had to try.

The creaking leather soothed his soul
As did the songbird serenade
Now was the time to come to grips
With the choices he had made.

He’d left a woman years ago
She loved him with all her heart
But wanderlust had filled his head
And kept them world’s apart.

He’d not forgotten her loving touch
Nor her sparkling soft blue eyes
He thought of her on night watch
As he counted stars in the skies.

He knew she’d welcome with open arms
Ahh ; she’d kiss his face and smile
No negative words would she utter
Cuz that was not her style.

HE saw her sittin’ on the porch
Wearin’ a crisp, checked gingham gown
He said “Pardon me ma’am ;would you mind
If this cowboy set himself down “.

With a smile as big as all outdoors
She said “Why sure ; I hope you’ll stay”
He gave her fresh picked wild flowers
And softly whispered ” Happy Mother’s Day. “


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